Smart people don’t get nearly enough groupies.

I’m not talking about the popularizers of smart stuff, like that guy, or that guy, but the people who actually get things done.  Greg’s grandpa was one such person, an engineer who got things done for decades, and as a result developed the calm competence Molly is crushing on.  Her reaction isn’t surprising; she loves competence because she appreciates how long and hard one must work to earn it, and strives every day to acquire it herself.  She’s off to a good start for her age, but she still has much to learn before she will be satisfied that she has earned it.

If there’s one thing I’d like to earn, it’s a nap.  I’m a special kind of tired today, the kind of tired that will be hard to shake off with the normally allotted hours for sleep.  I’ll try to rectify that at some point.

I’ll see you all next week!