Nuh Uh

Every now and then people ask me if I have difficulty concocting new ideas for the comic.  Not especially; ideas come easily.  It’s the good ideas that can be the difficult ones to come by.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve actually ended up tossing a pair of comics into the “emergency folder”, which is a sort of oubliette for comics I didn’t realize were rotten until I finished them, or for partially completed comics I managed to figure out were rotten before I spent the time to finish them.  The comics in said “emergency folder” will most likely never see the light of day unless something comes up which prevents me from completing a “good” comic instead.  Hence the name of the folder. But then  I’m sure that if I do end up using one of these comics, no one will be able to tell the difference.  Hell, for all you know, you’ve seen several of them already.

Today’s comic nearly made it there, until I realized that I was probably setting the bar too high and if I kept it up I’d end up with more comics in the “emergency folder” then were actually on the site.  That seemed a bit self defeating, given that the entire purpose of this project is to share the content, and if I had no intention of sharing it I may as well just catch up on Stranger Things instead.

That’s another thing.  The last television program I sat through front to back was Breaking Bad, which was years ago, as you may already know.  The fact that I don’t watch much TV has little or nothing to do with any show’s quality, but more because every time I sit down to watch something I can’t shake the constant feeling that I should be doing something else instead.  That feeling usually wins.

In any event, Molly reviewed the inimitable RGbros this weekend.  I think she has good taste.  I mean, that comic is consistently entertaining and the art is OK.

By OK I mean fantastic.  That’s what’s known as being ironic.

More Friday, possibly from the “emergency folder.”



One on One

If only all of my meetings could be this concise.

The guy there is Jeff, Molly’s director, who was introduced back here.  He’s handling Molly’s team directly at the moment because, well, Tess is still fired.

Molly’s attitude seems to have taken a slight turn, perhaps due in whole or in part to the influence of one Dr. Sofia Elsker.   Therapy is invaluable folks, particularly CBT, because as Molly asserted in her introductory video, self knowledge is kind of important.

A somewhat subtle detail which I may just have to go ahead and point out is that Molly removed the  “require(‘./mollybeans’);” sticker from the back of her laptop.  This was something she did in a fit after the latest calamity which resulted in Tess losing her job.  Molly’s rationale was that she didn’t especially feel like much of a required resource, but more of a liability. She’s working on that with the good doctor Elsker.

Thanks for stopping by, but I have to head out to my (hopefully just as brief) One on One.

Back Wednesday.





I haven’t indulged in explicitly technical humor in a while, so I suppose I should do it at least once this week.

On that point, while Molly is a developer, I’ve found that often I end up walking a fine line between showing or just implying the specifics of her job.  I realize that I myself can appreciate it (I hope so, I wrote it), and my fellow technical folks can too, but I want to be sure that the material can be appreciated by non technical folks as well.  That’s why I’ve been writing more comics that pertain to Molly and friends themselves more so than specific zingers about a given technology.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s just incredibly satisfying to blow up my own profession and roll on the floor laughing at it.  I have plenty of those to go around, and so today we have one such example.

Speaking of the specifics of Molly’s job, ever wonder what she does when she’s not busily burning her brain over a deliverable or a deadline?  Of course you have!  One thing she does is read veritable cascades of webcomics.  The indier the better.  In fact, she’s taken to talking about them, since there aren’t nearly enough  video reviews on the internet.  Here’s episode one!

If you like Molly’s video work (and how could you not) please like/share/subscribe and spread the word!

Back Friday.



Not an Engineer

Today’s comic marks both the 50th installment of Molly Beans – A life in development, as well as roughly the 6 month mark since the project started.  I felt that in order to do the milestone proper justice, I’d have to have our girl come to some important realization, and so she has.  I hope.

I’m highly satisfied with how the comic has grown and developed (no pun intended) over the last half year; I think I’ve come to know Molly a bit better and as such I have a veritable smorgasbord of directions and possibilities for the series.

I recall back in February as I was brainstorming a possible new premise for a non serial feature, the concept of a young millennial software developer just popped in there, as Ray Stanz would have said.  Before ten minutes passed I had a dozen premises scribbled down, so I knew I was on the right track.

Initially Molly was to be a more stylish, punky tech chick, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that wouldn’t really work.  I settled on the current incarnation, that of a slightly Aspergerry, awkward yet highly competent rookie who still has a lot to learn but shows all the potential of a true leader in the field.  I kept her blue hair from the original design, but that turned into less of a political or fashion statement and into more of a facet of her character (more on that as the comic goes on).

As to the title and premise of this 50th strip, I’ll have to be honest and state that the term “So and So is not an engineer” has been overheard by me a time or two over the course of my career.  I’m not sure what the point of such a remark is, beyond an attempt to elevate oneself at the cost of another, which to me speaks of nothing beyond a confession of one’s own doubts.  Let’s just all get our work done and go have fun afterward, people.  Life is short enough as is.

Speaking of work, I hope to have at the least one more video complete over the weekend.  Delays have been many, but I think this time I’ll nail it.  Stay tuned.



Dr. Sofia Elsker

Happy update day!  Here’s an update.

Moving forward I expect our azure pated heroine will have a few things to work out, hence the introduction of Dr. Sofia Elsker.  Expect her to be a recurring motif.

As for my recurring motifs, they’ll entail largely the same things they always have, hence why they’re recurring.   Oh, but the next update will be Molly’s 50th comic, which will also mark six months since I’ve began this little project.  I have to say I’m satisfied with where the comic has come in that time, and I thank everyone who has stopped by to read, comment, send messages, like, follow, and visit the subreddit.  Thanks for all the feedback during the initial foray into continuity, and of course the Beankini.

Oh, and don’t forget the youtube.  More content coming there soon.

More Friday.